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The Future of Students in India

Updated: May 1, 2021

This topic contains

  1. Higher Education and us

  2. News Tools and Approaches

  3. Overall Aspects

India is a country that faces a significant shift of brain drain, and the retention rate of students is less. Several students become a part of the international board and then use it to get out of the country. The major reason students step out of the country for better prospects is to get a sense of exploring and opportunity. When we talk about the future of Indian students, there are great prospects and impacts over their career we have to evaluate before dropping down to any conclusion.

Firstly since we accelerate in the twenty-first century is the ability to acquire new skills and learn something new. We live in a world of technology where artificial intelligence, big data, information technology, cybersecurity is at their apex.

There are a few pointers that need to get worked upon before reaching out to any conclusion.

We should look at the facts and figures that means rather than gaining theoretical knowledge a hands-on project is essential for students to understand what they’re working towards.

Since the education system has completely taken a transformation, however, the implementation takes a longer duration. It is not easy for every student and parent to adapt to the new techniques and for the schools to implement everything from the scratch.

The soft wall which differentiates between the new world and our nutshell is small. We need to get out in the environment and explore all the existing changes. The real world is full of challenges, and you need to strive to get the best out of it.

Higher education and us

We have a good schooling system till high school. Although, when we talk about undergraduate school there are a lot of loopholes existing.

Educational institutions need to adapt and create changes effectively. We need to talk about expertise and generate cognitive abilities not by increasing the years of a degree that the students are pursuing. You need to have plans and a set of skills to get passionate.

The institutions need to advance and drop the old and used course rather than pick up something valued and essential. The selection pool is difficult for the general category to pass a path for abroad an easy one. The difficulty after high school is more as the colleges get divided into tiers making it a task to get into a chosen college. Several talented students get withdrawn from the opportunity of growing ahead because of a single exam determining their future.

New Tools and Approaches

When we talk about new approaches it becomes essential for us to realize and understand how can we progress and move ahead. There are recent upgrades in the system which are very difficult to understand and go through. The best way out of it is to make sure how to create and work in the new environment with the online platforms. The latest approach is to get out of the pandemic and work accordingly.

New tools and approaches should get followed by the students to make sure that how things should work and how can they excel in their fields.

Overall Aspects

If we look at the overall view we see that it is essential for all to understand what they wish to pursue and how they wish to go ahead in their career. Are there prevalent opportunities for students in culinary and sports or do they have to seek them outside? A lot of students are moving outside for clubs and other education. The reason behind this is the lack of knowledge, opportunities, politics, and skills. We need to work upon the building of student community and creating clubs for all the categories. The quota must be removed increasing equal chances for all to work and move ahead.

Equality for all and ensuring a safe capacity building would secure the students’ future else they would be taking loans and not being happy about whatever they are doing.

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