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How to apply for fee financing at Financepeer

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

This topic contains

  1. About Financepeer

  2. How to apply for a loan?

  3. What about EMI's?

  4. Why choose Financepeer?

To dream and to aspire for something never goes out of fashion. But what's been getting out of our reach to fulfill those dreams is the availability of finances. Every parent wants to provide their child with the best education and every student wants to get the best training to achieve goals and earn money. While everyone is trying to win this unannounced battle and become the best, money is that factor that sometimes decides who will move forward. But, gone are the times when we had to give up on our dreams because of financial problems. There are alternative ways to get this problem solved.

About Financepeer

Financepeer facilitates loans to parents so that their kids can pursue their careers with no financial issues. We provide education loans for every student in easy monthly installments. We are a Google Launchpad incubated, Forbes acclaimed company that supports ease school fee financing with a crucial focus on K-12 education. Financepeer pays the entire year’s fee upfront to the Institute facilitating them to supervise their funds efficiently and collect fees from parents in 3 to 12 monthly installments at 0 interest & 0 cost.

How to apply for a loan?

The process to get loans at Financepeer is easy and time-saving. You don’t have to wait for a long duration for your loan approval. Also, the hectic process of documentation isn’t a problem with us. It is just a three-step process to apply for an education loan-

  • Apply on Financepeer portal or app

You can visit or download the Financepeer app for filling up the application form. You just need to enter the required details and the site or app will take you to the next step.

  • Instant approval and disbursal of loans

Unlike other banks, you don't have to wait for a long duration for your loan approval. The amount of your loan will be assessed immediately for the loan disbursement.

  • Get rewarded for paying your fees

Yes, you hear out right! You get rewards for paying your fees through Financepeer.

What about EMI's?

While everyone is trying to do their best in the era of cut-throat competition, education loans have helped numerous students to achieve quality education without giving any pressure on their parents. Education loans have been popularised due to their policy of repayments. Financepeer helps you to procure education loans at zero cost EMI. Financepeer the app has got an option of EMI calculator which will help you in calculating your EMI's easily. This innovative calculator gives you an in-depth knowledge of what you need to pay as per the amount of your loan.

Here are the easy steps to use an EMI calculator

Name of the Institute - Enter the name of the institute you are willing to get admission into along with the branch. In case you don't find your institute's name in the drop-down menu, select 'other'.

Amount- As soon as you enter the name of the institute along with the branch, you would require to enter the amount you want to procure. The amount can be anywhere between 5000 to 10,00,000.

Tenure- After you have entered the loan amount you need to enter the tenure. Tenure is the duration you would need to repay the loan along with interest.

Disbursements - This will depend on your tenure. You can select the option that suits you.

And you are done! The calculator will give you the monthly EMI instantly. After you have calculated the EMI you can directly apply for the loan.

Why choose Financepeer?

  • Fee Application Procedure as simple as ABC

  • EMI's cost as low as zero

  • Easy repayments

  • No bulk documentation

  • Digital Learning - Academic/Non-Academic/Expert Advice

  • Financepeer Store - All your Educational Purchases in one place

  • Prepaid Wallet with Credit Line Access Earn Rewards & Discounts on every Transaction

  • Complete Transaction Tracking Financial Literacy for Students

  • Events, Seminars, and Competitions for Students & Parent

Every student deserves a life he’s always dreamt of. Parents who want to support their children but could not due to financial problems find it disheartening. Educational expenses often go way out of their savings. Financepeer student loans are a perfect solution to these situations. Their customer service is appreciable and they will resolve all your queries instantly. So, if you want your child to become what he or she desires to then grab your phone and apply for an educational loan from Financepeer.

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