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7 Ways in which you can help your kids with healthy digital learning

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Author: Dilshad Pajnigara

Marketing, Financepeer


With COVID 19 causing a widespread closure, children's education across the country is also badly affected, where their growth is facing constant hurdles. Therefore an alternative i.e E-learning has emerged across the education industry. The situation has made the long due switch from physically attending schools to e-learning to keep the students engaged in academics. The closure of schools and working remotely is difficult for parents to adjust to the “new normal”.

Talking about the above situation and children growing up in a digital world, its important that parents help them understand the right concept and healthy use of digital media. Here are a few tips on how parents can make digital learning a fruitful experience

1. Have a structure and a routine planned for your kid: Starting with an online education can be confusing and challenging. You must have a set routine for your kid. The benefit of e-learning is that your child can learn anytime.

However, they still need routine and a schedule that will help them succeed.

  • Designate certain time as “learning time” or “playtime” and make sure your kids are productive during those times.

  • Schedule a day in advance. Make a habit of planning the next day a night prior so the kids know exactly what they will be doing the next day. This will help them focus and avoid confusion. Prioritization and time management are essential factors for digital learning, especially when kids are young and easily distracted.

  • Consider your kid’s likes and dislike and plan the schedule together.

  • Have an attractive calendar ready for your kids using different colour markers, this will help your kid to keep up with the deadlines.

  • Additional to this help your kid schedule some brain breaks which will help your kid to concentrate and learn better.

2. Make a designated space: Have this space away from all the distractions going in your house. Usually, a calm quiet place would help your child increase the concentration level. This space should be different and away from where they usually are playing.

No matter what the space looks like, make sure that your kids have easy access to all the things that they need for their online class. This will help them increase their efficiency. Make sure you select an area which is clutter-free. The right space would be helpful to increase your kid’s focus on the class.

3. Research: Get to know the learning platform thoroughly, This will help you to offer help and support to your kids. Make sure you attend the orientation organized by the schools and teachers, which will help you to keep a track on what is happening. Familiarize yourself with the online tools being used, grasp on how to use it efficiently.

4. Limit distraction: It is extremely necessary to keep your kid’s attention and focus on schoolwork, therefore the parents should limit the kid’s use to their devices, other than what is needed to complete their class.

Keep their space away from TV rooms which could also be a distraction while they have their classes ongoing. Keep your kid away from Video games, social media, toys, as—these could be a problem for your kids to focus. Avoid doing things that would distract your child and reduce his attention.

5. Stay Connected: Every parent who has a child home is experiencing a new environment. It is very important for you to keep in touch with other parents to have some innovative ideas discovered by them which would also help your kid.

Teachers play a critical role as well, maintain frequent communication to receive appropriate help for your kid. Pay attention to information shared by the school and teachers on how online learning will be facilitated and be ready with the necessary apps to support your kid.

6. Be cautious: You kids need to understand that once the content is shared with others, they will not be able to delete or remove it.

  • Make sure they share the right things It is inevitable that you educated them on privacy settings and cyberbullying. Kids also tend to mimic elders, therefore make sure the usage of the digital platform by parents is done in the right way.

  • This is to avoid misguiding your kids Discuss the pros and cons with your kid. Highlight them on how it works, what they need to be cautious of. Teach them, what appropriate behaviour looks like while on video calls.

7. Handling anxiety: Considering the situation, there is a possibility that a lot of questions might pop in your kids head leading to anxiety It is important that you listen to your kid, understand their confusion or doubts of what is happening around them.

  • It’s important to provide your kids with all the right and relevant information required which would answer their questions. Try and help them with all the misconceptions they have.

  • They might have numerable questions like “when is this going to end?” and “when will I be able to go back to school?”. “For how long will the school be shut ?”, Help them understand the ongoing situation, this would only help them to reduce the anxiety that they are facing.

Digital platform and e-learning are an integral part of today’s world. The pros and cons of cyber space should be well understood and discussed with your kids. If used appropriately, can proove to be amazingly beneficial for your child's education .

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