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6 Things You Must Know About Financial Technology Industry (FINTECH)

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

This topic contains

  1. Working of Fintech

  2. Artificial Intelligence

  3. BlockChain

  4. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  5. Online Payments

  6. Investment and Savings

  7. Lending and Crowd Funding

Financial Technology often referred to as FinTech is a link between Finance and Technology. It is how technology binds finance and helps to reach new definitions and heights. It improves the financial sectors and firms by helping them in various modes like analyzing data, bringing new tech-friendly services to attract the audience, and bring innovations in the field to finance that make the process smooth and bugs-free. It can come in various modes like being a software, or a business, or some kinds of services that can bring new innovative changes in the financial industry without disturbing the latter.

FinTech is gaining a huge response in the world of innovation and advancement where people like to be connected to technology in every way possible and they like solutions that ease their working. Fintech is now diversifying and it has its roots from banking systems to the insurance companies and from investment to cryptocurrency etc.

More and more businesses are tying with fintech startups because by being digitally advanced they can deliver the thing in the proper format as their tech-friendly customers will like to have and by doing so they also lead in the market overtaking their competitors.

Working of Fintech

FinTech has been in the business recently, we are experiencing it since the late 1950s with the invention of the ATM. It is now being followed by Banking applications, investment procedures online, depositing checks, cryptocurrency, electronic platforms, etc.

Fintech has changed the norms in the business, from keeping book records of various matters to have it all handled online and automatically, with no need for tracking and tracking the data. A person can deposit his money or checks via phone rather than going to the bank every time. Online money transfers have made life easy. Investment can be done online sitting at home and without the requirement of any kind of help.

Artificial Intelligence

Whenever we discuss working of FinTech AI plays a significant role, AI and ML have been entering all the fields in the current world, and they play a crucial role in the financial industry and will continue doing so because of the technological needs and advancement of the world today. They help in detecting the data, keeping records, and analyze frauds and mistakes. It also helps by giving insights so that person knows how to proceed in business and what corrections should be made to thrive to excellence.

Businesses can know and deeply understand the customer responses from the past information and thus effective strategies can be formed.


This is the most important and widely used advancement when it comes to Fintech. The financial industry depends on blockchain because of its various applications like storing data effectively and also because of security purposes. Transactions made via blockchain are all encrypted and thus chances of cyber fraud reduce to zero percentage. It is most effective while dealing with cryptocurrency “bitcoin”.

Blockchain can help banks to function their transactions securely. Information sharing and accessing has been quick, easy, and safe with the help of blockchain.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

This automation has been helping the financial sector so much as it frees people from human labor works and robots handle the work. Manual tasks are performed with the help of Robots and this has been one of the biggest revolutions in the technological industry.

We know FinTech focuses on the advancement and meet the needs of people technologically and RPA helps in claims processing, a process that is highly prone to errors is done effectively. It helps in improving the customer experience, investment fields and overall increasing the productivity and decreasing the workload.

Online Payments

Smartphones are the most used device, and nowadays people can access everything via mobile phones, in such cases, they also demand online payment options so that they don’t have to visit banks physically. FinTech has come up with the feature of online payment and laid out various payment gateways with which one can complete all the bank-related formalities sitting at home. This is easy, time savior, and fast.

Investment and Savings

With the rise of FinTech various investment and saving options have become easier and redundant. There are various apps with which investment can be done just by sitting at home. Also, you can know about the rise and fall of the market easily. You don’t have to go to stock exchanges or hire a broker anymore if you want to invest in stock markets or invest in any kind of business. Saving’s options have also become easier.

Lending and Crowd Funding

People can now apply for loans via their mobile phones and loan passing has become more effective. They can also demand credit reports several times in a year and thus the process has become more tech-friendly and transparent for users.

Various platforms help entrepreneurs and businesses to get funds from all around the world without going to any investment summit or passing the countries boundaries.

Financial Technology has advanced the world and financial platforms unimaginably and more surprises are yet to come. Fintech has changed the financial norms and it will keep doing so. Things will become more easy and transparent with the time to come. It helps both the business and clients to trust and hold. It has increased the competition and offers new deals in front of businesses to stay in line. It has made life easier.

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