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6 Big Ideas Fintech will Tackle in 2021

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

This topic contains

  1. Upsell the Banking System

  2. More InsurTech or TechAllowance

  3. Attract short-lived Economic Perks

  4. Inflating Entry to Present-day Beneficiaries

  5. A Profound, Extensive Fintech Body

  6. Advanced Bodies and Entirely Models

FinTech or Financial Technology is the revolution and automation in the fields of delivery of Financial Services. It is an appearing field that uses new technologies to bring about a change in the field of Finance. The use and regulation of banking services by mobile, smart devices, investment, and cryptocurrency are various examples of making the use of technology to make these services reach the public. It works on bringing about a change in the working styles of financial bodies.

With the rise of FinTech, the ways companies do business are forever changed and advanced. Collaboration to mobile payments, as well as Investment, there has been a wide range of choices for entrepreneurs than ever before. Setting up a business has been a lot cheaper and easier.

Unlike before, there is no need to wait for an Investor Summit to get investors for your business, now you can tackle everything via the internet and get the world around you. Transferring money overseas has also become easier and cheaper. These are just a few ways, but FinTech has made the functioning of the business easier and more reliable.

So, like every year, here are some of the ideas that a16z thinks Fintech will work on.

  • Upsell the Banking System

  • More Insurtech or TechAllowance

  • Attract Short-lived economic advantage

  • Inflating Entry to present-day beneficiaries

  • A profound, extensive fintech body

  • Advanced bodies and entirely models- for distribution

1. Upsell the Banking System

Disintermediation refers to the elimination of the middle person from the upcoming transactions. When we talk about financial terms it means the removal of brokers, banks, and other immediacies to carry forward the transaction directly. With disintermediation, you can reduce the effective cost and increase the efficiency of the working system.

Fintech wishes to create a direct connection between the user and the government, and the lack of this connection is because banks serve as the intervening body. People do not interact directly with the Fed, but banks do the processing from their excess holdbacks.

It is being believed that from 2021, disintermediation of the banking system will start. Even if private banks play a major role, but they are liable to the central bank on the front foot, they involve more administration and are not able to achieve monetary goals.

Today more than 4 billion people have smartphones with the internet and many of them use the online mode of payments and this is soon going to happen in the rest of the cases also. This system of online payments is evolving rapidly, and this process must be supported by the government to eliminate excess problems and for the running of good administration. If The recipient of the money will be government then it will not require filtering it through various organizations and FinTech has all the capability to enhance the monetary goals for people.

2. More InsurTech or TechAllowance

Insurtech means the innovative use of technology to grasp the savings efficiently from the insurance model that we have today. FinTech combines the term insurance with technology to create InsurTech that is technically advanced insurance.

Insurtech is traversing large firms such as offering highly customized plans and policies and using the internet and technology to make things advanced.

But our current insurance system is highly outdated and inappropriate if seen from a customer’s frame. A person buys his belongings from one place and then he has to visit some other places to get insurance and also the investment is very high in the newly formed insurance companies. They want to capture the customer at the very moment he plans to purchase. InsurTech will be able to obtain customers in a better way by having a hold on the data of Insurance companies. In the meanwhile Insurance companies will also give utility to the costumes.

We’ll soon be able to see many more companies going Insurtech that will make them highly fixable. It is expected globally that Insurtech companies will increase by 41% from 2020 to 2023.

3. Attract Short-lived Economic Perks

In a world of high competition, economists are struggling every day and trying to find how they can prosper, grow, and try to stay in the business. People always try to engage their employees financially, but it is not just financial independence that employees want sometimes non-financial benefits are something that attracts employees largely.

There are two important perceptions when we think about startups’ growth-dispersal cognizance and product understanding. The dispersal cognizance is hard to come and are very crucial when we talk about the company’s success. From the past few years, the bar for dispersal perceptions was grasping economic encouragement by giving loans at low prices pr giving direct cash to customers.

But we are expecting things to change in 2021, We believe that new products will come into play that is more communal, and prove out to be much more useful when you combine them with others and creating a practical motivation. Many companies are already doing it this way and we expect many more to join.

4. Inflating Entry to Present-day Beneficiaries

Asset allocation is a kind of miscellaneousness which financial experts believe to be a religion for them. It is the way you diversify your investment either through property, gold, or stocks.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, a new group of investors came into the picture. And with the help of various mobile applications coming into the picture, investments have become a lot easier and convenient and in the lockdown period, people were more reluctant to invest and had more time to go through the business news.

Many technology-facilitated marketplaces have emerged today that enable small investors to get their assets managed easily. And to not increase the level of investors, they have begun to bifurcate the ownership, and also education plays as a barrier in other cases.

Soon, we’ll be able to see many benefits being given to and approachable to major investors. New platforms will find attractive ways not only to provide education via the pleased and groups but will also boost the commitment among products and owners. And with this, we’ll encounter many new investors indulging in and start investing.

5. A Profound, Extensive Fintech Body

2020 is not counted as a good year, but it has given us so many good things to the FinTech community. Many new businesses were set up and everything is going to be entirely dependent on technology and this suddenly gave a boost to FinTech.

All the companies are being Tech friendly and innovating and this new trend is suddenly boosting the growth in the market and also for budding entrepreneurs. Try something on social media platforms and it will become successful if you are good with your content and quality. The number of responses and engagement with customers will also increase this way. And it is Fintech companies that are increasing but also the class of people who are occupied with it.

Today, Every new entrepreneur has an acute knowledge of automation and money matters and also their new terms are magnificent. And this is just the start of the growth the fintech has yet to experience.

6. Advanced Bodies and Models for Distribution

Creating new and advanced products is not just enough, but how it is being given to the audience and distributed evenly that it reaches a high variety of customers is what matters. Dispensation tells if a company is a success or a failure. With Fintech it is estimated to reach the target audience in the innovative ways possible.

In today’s world, many new companies directly depend on social media platforms to get their customers, but there are many fake companies and products which are being a threat to the good companies and thus the trust of the audience is decreasing day by day.

FinTech believes that it will lead the distribution route, which will be more pocket-friendly and will gain the trust of the audience. Fintech has a hold on various companies to get a new audience. And with every new day, FinTech startups are increasing their growth as compared to other companies very rapidly and we’ll see this coming in a more cool and advanced way in the coming year.


FinTech aims to convert the financial world to be equipped with the latest trends and innovations and it thus focuses on various aspects every year for improvements. This year may work on the conversion of banks to more technologically oriented as per the needs of the world. To make insurance companies more tech-friendly and change some of their old age policies. To design the distribution process in a way that reaches a large number of people, change some investment policies, and convert them to be available on smartphones easily. Its sole objective is to connect more and more people with the FinTech industry and get to the deeper roots of it.

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